Saturday, 30 November 2013

Crossed Lances - Putting the team together

As we've done quite a lot of reworking on our existing figures  for the forthcoming Crossed Lances Tournay game I thought i'd show a step by step photo tutorial.
Reworked mounted knights now with seperate heads,
these will be available as pre-packed sets for Crossed lances
 inc bases and Heraldic transfers by Battle Flag
for the horses and men. 

Assembled knights, we've got lots more helmet options coming.
The knights will also be available in the 3 figure packs on the
Curteys site.

Couched knights with heads attached ready for priming.
I start with a black primer coat.

Flesh and metal parts etc done.

Foot versions of the mounted knights.

Horses were primed white,
horse flesh painted with acrylics and given an inc wash. 

Water slide transfers supplied by Battle Flag.
 These will be available along with lots more devices.

Cut out with scissors or a sharp knife , get a responsable adult to help kids.

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Just add water, dip in water  for 30 seconds.

Slide into place.

The knights surcoats have been painted white to take the transfer.
We recomend applying Microsol or  a similar transfer/decal softener
to help the transfer to form to the figure.

Another set of transfers added.

Transfers blended in using acryllics.

Another set, just need basing , shields and lance adding.

I'll add photos of the finished sets soon.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Crossed Lances new masters

We recently received thee new masters to go with the new Crossed Lances game which will be published soon .

Various squires.
Carrying his lords armour, horse holder, tending an unhorsed knight, offering a refreshing drink of .....water?  

 Tournay Officials, Reading the Rolls, Referee, Trumpeter.

Unhorsed Knights
These will come with assorted seperate heads. 

More mounted dollies, 
The figure on the right will come back as mounted versions of the Officials.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

New medieval tents

A couple of photos of the new medieval tent masters, same base with 2 different roof options. The figures are from the Curteys Miniatures Feudal Europe range.
There are several different tent flap options too.
Tent with plain roof.
Tent with elaborate roof.
Shown with Curteys Miniatures Feudal figures for scale.