Sunday, 30 November 2014

1st Game of Lion Rampant.

We managed to fit a run through of Lion Rampant this afternoon.
As they were still sat on the table from when i took photos for the starter armies, thought we might as well use them.
It'll take a bit of getting used to as we're used to larger games but should be fun.

The Mongol Horde swarm across the steppe, well a raiding party really.
A Teutonic host prepare to defend a farmstead. Buildings are from 1st Corps.
Teutonic Sergeants take up position outside the farm.
Knights crossing a plowed field, not a good idea trying to get across rough terrain.
No stopping the knights though when they make contact. We called it a day there as half the Mongol units were below 50%.


  1. Great looking figs and terrrain, Mick. I really enjoy these rules; one thing some folks, not me, seem to get hung up a bit on is the 3" rule between units - friend & foe alike. Another one I see folks who play larger games (like WAB) is lining up missile troops instead of clumping them in groups as the 3" rule also applies to the central figure for the unit. And the need for only one figure to have LOS. Great set of skirmish rules for Medieval and other periods as well. I think it would work great for Samurai skirmish games. Warm regards, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean,We forgot about the 3" rule, but can't remember everything first time out, lol