Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The battle of Changping a Warring States demo game

Battle of Changping ( Part 1)
2006  Curteys Miniatures Demo game.
All figures are from the 28mm
Warring States and Han Chinese ranges by Curteys Miniatures

I was trawling through photos of some of our past demo games and thought it would be a good idea to do a series of blogs showing the games as a series of photos.
General and army standard, ready to lead the troops.

Initial set up looking towards the mountain pass.
The Zhao army forming up out side their camp.
View of the Zhao  4 horse heavy chariots.

Qin chariots supported by close order infantry .

Close up of the mighty 4 horse chariots.
Qin left flank with native auxiliaries.

Armoured spearmen.

The Zhao army begins to advance.

Zhao chariots clash with Qin spearmen.
Qin reinforcements heading through the pass.

Armoured crossbowmen.
Zhao levies waiting behind improvised barricades.

Qin reinforcements held up by Zhao levies
 defending barricades in the mountain pass.

More to follow......


  1. Wow - fantastic game and figures! Just when I thought I had little to no interest in the period too! Dean

  2. Good to see you going back to your roots so's to speak guys.

    Great looking demo, will it be making it's way to Salute? Maybe something similar?


  3. Thanks guys, for salute this year we are putting on a 28mm WW2 game using figures from our 1st Corps range.
    Check out the 1st corps blog for some details.

    1. Great to hear that you're putting on a demo for Salute. I, as usual, will be found hovering around the Lance and Longbow stand as I'm commited to helping George out with his Grandson game.

      No doubt you'll see me at you stand though :O)


  4. Very nice game!! Inspiring! I need to spent more time painting Warring States Chinese...